New Mom Fears She’ll Get A Ticket, But The Officer Looks In The Back Seat And Calls His Own Wife

A new mom was pulled over by a State Trooper while driving along a highway in Tennessee.

She was scared she’d get a ticket or worse, but once the officer saw what was really going on something amazing happened.

She shared her story on the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Facebook page,

I was pulled over Wed morning by a TN State Trooper. When he came up to the car he asked “Why are the two boys in the back seat not in car seats?” My answer was the two little boys were my foster sons who I had just got the night before. I showed him paper work and explained to him that when I got them they had the clothes they were wearing and that is about it. No carseat, no toys, no coats, and so on.

He was very nice to the kids and to me. He asked me for my phone number. I gave it to him. His wife called me and asked about the boys. This morning Officer Tidwell met me in Waverly, him and his wife had purchased gifts for the boys. Not just the two boys in the back seat but, their older brother too.

I can not thank him enough for the kindness he has shown these three boys. I never asked him for anything. He and his wife acted out of the kindness of their hearts. He showed these boys that there are very nice cops out there and I hope he has left a lasting impression on them that cops are good. The boys has been telling everyone that “cops are nice”. He has made their day.

You hear way too much negative stuff now days so, here is some good news for you all.

(image source; Facebook/Tennessee Highway Patrol)

While the news is full of violent police stories, we’re happy to remind everyone that there is still kindness left in this world. Remember to never judge a book by its cover.

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