Joy Behar Compares Herself To Rihanna Ahead Of Super Bowl Performance

Joy Behar had the gall to compare herself to Rihanna days before the singer is set to perform at the Super Bowl.

The singer Rihanna is set to perform at the halftime show during the Super Bowl game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. On this morning’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” the 80 year-old comedian Joy Behar showed how full of herself she is by comparing herself to Rihanna ahead of this performance.

Behar Compares Herself To Rihanna
The women of “The View” began their Super Bowl segment by playing a clip in which Rihanna talked about why she’d initially hesitated before accepting when asked if she’d be up for doing the halftime show.

“When I first got the call to do it again this year, I was like, ‘You sure? Like I’m three months postpartum, should I be making major decisions like this right now? Like I might regret this,’” Rihanna said in the clip.

“As scary as that was, because I haven’t been onstage in seven years, there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all,” she added. “And it’s important for me to do this this year. It’s important for representation, it’s important for my son to see that.”

After this clip ended, Behar was quick to give her opinion on it.

You know, I sort of get it,” she said. “When you’re scared to do something, there’s something about really feeling alive with that, you know, and I used to feel that way with stand-up.”

“But I don’t need to feel that much alive anymore, so I don’t do it, ’cause the anxiety is heavy,” she continued.

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